Available courses

The VISITOR online course aims to equip teachers in integrating virtual museum tours into their lesson plans via an innovative pedagogical approach such as multi-thematic digital storytelling projects and citizen science, combined with many different digital tools (e.g. digital apps, libraries e.t.c.). The specific process motivates learners to browse the digital museum to gather material and implement their projects based on inclusive education and cooperative learning principles. 

Therefore, in the beginning, teachers will learn how to plan their action plan to create a structured framework of cooperation that will provide the necessary flexibility to adapt to the needs of each student and integrate virtual museum tours into their lesson plans combined with many different digital tools. 

Also, in this vein, the Visitor project, to motivate learners to engage in digital tours, provides a text-based digital game (an electronic game that uses a text-based user interface). The game allows users to set up their digital museum and build or play graded difficulty quizzes. Through the game, the learners can collect digital material both at the stage of preparation and implementation and during the evaluation stage of their multi-disciplinary project (Preparation, Implementation and Evaluation are the three stages of the PBL methods).